For Indian medical professionals, relocating to the UK to seek out permanent doctor jobs is often considered to be a great career path, filled with chock-full of potential opportunities for professional success and development.

Anyone considering making such a move will want to educate themselves on all of the positive and negative aspects of doing so and understand the paperwork and the effort involved to relocate. This can make it seem difficult for anyone who want to pursue a medical career in the UK.

At Gateway Visas, we specialize in guiding Indian doctors in achieving this through the PLAB and Royal College Examination routes, so that they're ready to work in the NHS as quickly as possible.

Who we are?

Gateway Visas is an established company in the immigration industry that provides immigration support in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Hong-Kong, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom and New Zealand. We have been in the Immigration and Recruitment business for the past 10 years with an excellent track record on customer's satisfaction.

What we do

We work in a consultative way to understand your career and life goals, we're not interested in just finding you any doctor job in the UK, we make sure we get to know you, to understand your personal and family aspirations, to make sure we find the right role in the right location for you and your family. Once you have accepted a position, we manage the Medical Registration, Interview and Visa application process, and support you (and your family) with the relocation itself.

  • Provide assistance with your GMC registration, which enables you to work as a doctor in the UK.
  • Book your occupational health appointment with your future employer.
  • Provide assistance with opening your UK bank account.
  • Help you to obtain a National Insurance number.
  • With our medical recruitment experience and unrivalled support, it couldn't be simpler to relocate as a doctor to the UK.

Advantages of Working in the UK

Good standards
of pay
Excellent package of
pension benefits.
Family Friendly
Good working conditions and excellent holiday entitlement.
Provide training and personal development opportunities that will enable people to reach their full potential.

In the UK, 26.3% of doctors licensed to practise by the General Medical Council (GMC) graduated from their primary medical qualification in an international country, and Indian medical professionals are held in very high esteem in the UK, and so there is always a healthy demand for them within NHS trusts.

We are experienced and have a tremendous amount of experience in relocating overseas doctors who may be daunted by the paperwork or other challenges associated with working abroad. Every year our permanent doctors' division helps hundreds of foreign doctors to relocate to the UK.

We at Gateway Visas can guide you through the process quickly and efficiently and help you and your family settle in the right job and the correct location.

Ready to practice medicine in the UK!

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