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South Africa has the most astonishing quality of life and solid business environment. Many people migrate to South Africa every year. Protection of health and security of South African people and their rights on the job offers in the country is the main aim of South African immigration laws. South Africa is a market for potential growth and has created a special structure to drive global presence and business growth in the region. There are numerous investment opportunities in the country. The South African government has launched a number of initiatives to drive ICT sector growth and bolster the country's position in the global economy. Factors like the time zone advantage, language, cultural compatibility and skill access makes South Africa a favorable destination for the growth of business process outsourcing and IT services. South Africa encourages immigrants who are in a position to put efforts for the development of the country’s economy. Applicants applying for the jobs in which South Africa has shortage of workers are highly encouraged by the country. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are also welcomed in the country.

South Africa Critical Skills Visa


South African Critical Skills Work Visa is a temporary residence permit issued to foreign nationals who are willing to move to South Africa for working and staying in the country with their dependents. The potential for permanent residency is high for immigrants who remain in the country for 5 years.

South Africa Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Labour and the Minister of Trade and Industry have identified occupations which have high demand for professionals with skill sets. These positions are open formally qualified foreigners who have an at least 5 years of practical work experience.

Note: Job offer is not required for South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa

Visa Requirements

The below parameters have to be met to be eligible for SA Critical Skills Work Visa:

  • Visa applicant has to be minimum 23 years of age at the time of application submission.
  • Bachelors degree in education is mandatory
  • Relevant experience of 5 years
  • Occupation of the applicant should be in the published “Nominated Occupation List” by South Africa Immigration
  • Sufficient funds for sustaining in the country to be shown
  • English language proficiency
  • *Nominated Occupation List - kindly contact our experts to know more about.

Visa Benefits

  • Visa issued is valid for 5 years
  • Freedom to move between employers.
  • Visa issued is valid for 5 years
  • Pathway for permanent residency
  • Pathway for permanent residency
  • Live, work, study and stay in the country

Visa Fee & Processing Time

  • Visa Fee & Processing Time
  • Processing time is 6 to 8 Months

Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice.

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South Africa Business Visa


Applying for a South African business permit often referred to as an entrepreneur permit or investor permit allows foreign nationals to immigrate to South Africa based on a substantial investment being made in a new or existing business venture. Because of its diversified culture and, lots of immigrants from different parts of the world, South Africa is a place where there is lot of scope for any business to flourish. South Africa being developing country, is in need for foreign funds so, it welcomes investments from foreign countries and extends full support by in allocation of various resources.

Benefits of Business Visa

The South African business visa is one of many temporary resident visas for South Africa which allows a foreign national to migrate to South Africa for an agreed period. The South Africa business visa equates most directly to the UK investor visa and the USA EB-5 visa, both of which are based upon a candidate possessing sufficient business acumen and capital to successfully begin a commercial enterprise. South African business visas are granted for a period of twenty-four months, which can be extended indefinitely provided, South African Business Visa requirements are continuously met. In addition, like South African work permits, business permit holders may ultimately apply for a permanent residence permit.


According to South African government rules, candidates applying for South African Business Permit should exhibit good entrepreneurial skills, must submit a business plan with minimum investment of 2.5 million African Rands, and promise to employ minimum 5 South African Citizens or Residents apart from other requirements.

In addition, if the business falls in line with the following sectors, a request for a capital reduction can be made.

  • Chemicals/biotechnology
  • IT/communications
  • Metals/minerals
  • Automotive/transport
  • Agricultural processing
  • Tourism
  • Clothing/textiles/crafts
  • Beyond these criteria, candidates immigrating to South Africa via this route must also satisfy the following requirements:

  • A detailed business plan must be submitted,
  • The applicant must be employed in the investment or entrepreneurial venture,
  • The business must demonstrate export potential of the transfer of a technology not generally available in the country,
  • Evidence must be supplied to show that the investment capital will originate from abroad,
  • Documentary evidence of the applicant's business experience and entrepreneurial skills must be submitted,
  • A signed agreement must be made to register, if required, with the relevant statutory body for the sector
  • Whilst a South Africa business permit may be extended, it is important to note that the conditions outlined above must continue to meet in order for a South African visa extension to be granted.
  • In some cases, business permits may be revoked if an enterprise does not continue to perform satisfactorily.


In general, South African investor visas or entrepreneur visas are grouped within the temporary residence permit classification.

However, since South African visas of this class can be extended and may ultimately lead to permanent residence in South Africa, it is likely that successful candidates establishing or investing in a South African business will be present in the country for some years if not indefinitely.

As a result, spouse and dependent immigration are permitted and the spouse or partner and dependent children may accompany the principle applicant to South Africa. Dependents will be granted visitor visa status to immigrate to South Africa for the same length of time as that granted to the business permit holder. To know about the visa fee and other information, contact our experts.

South Africa Spousal Visa


Applying for a South African spousal permit or South African life-partner permit enables the husband, wife or long-term partner of a South African permanent resident or a person in possession of South African citizenship to migrate to South Africa on the basis of their relationship.


The benefit of migrating to South Africa through a spousal immigration visa of this kind is that candidates are assessed purely upon their marital status or the duration of their relationship.

Unlike South African business visas no investment needs to be made and where South African work permits require an offer of employment to be in place from a South African company, no such requirement is in place for those applying to join their spouse or partner.

Where candidates apply for temporary residence permits successful applicants will be permitted to live and work in South Africa with permission to seek and undertake employment as they choose

In addition, candidates applying for permanent residence will receive the benefits afforded to permanent South Africa residents, which encompass many of those enjoyed by South African citizens with some exceptions, such as the right to vote.


The South Africa immigration structure makes no distinction between heterosexual and same sex relationships and married partners or life partners may apply equally.

In the case of married applicants who wish to immigrate to South Africa through this route on a temporary permit, it must be demonstrated that the marriage in question exists, i.e. through the presentation of a marriage certificate.

Where applicants are in a life relationship, i.e. a permanent arrangement, an affidavit must be signed by both the applicant and the sponsoring partner, which confirms that the parties are in a permanent relationship which excludes all others.

In addition, life relationships will need to be supported by documentary evidence such as evidence of co-habitation and mutual financial arrangements such as utility bills, loans and bank accounts.

Spouse Visas and Life-Partner Visas

Where candidates wish to apply for spouse immigration or life-partner immigration as a permanent option, the key additional requirement is that the applicant must have been married to or in a life relationship with the sponsoring South African permanent resident or South African citizen for a period of five years. In addition, where candidates immigrating to South Africa are granted permanent residency, the applicant will need to demonstrate two years after the permit is issued that the relationship is still in existence. At this stage, a permanent resident’s permit can be revoked if evidence of this is not satisfactorily supplied. After a total of five years, the permit will no longer be subject to the continued existence of the relationship and cannot be withdrawn because of a change in marital or relationship status. Due to the fact that a permanent residency permit can take up to two years to issue a common practice is to apply for temporary residence whilst simultaneously applying for permanent resident status.

Working in South Africa

Applying for a South African spousal visa whether through the temporary or permanent route will in most cases result in the applicant’s permanent settling in South Africa. As a result, the South African spouse visa makes provision for applicants to seek and engage in employment in the country. Successful applicants may start a business; undertake a job or study in South Africa once an endorsement is granted from the Department of Home Affairs.

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