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Denmark is the world’s highest level of income equality; Denmark provides best standards of health, welfare and education. Denmark is the most peaceful and safe country to migrate. It offers excellent education system and is one of the most lucrative countries to study from. The country also has variety of employment opportunities for skilled professionals who want to settle in a new country. The country’s immigration policy is flexible and invites people from all over the world to get a residence and work permit. Denmark has framed many schemes to attract skilled workers from outside the country.

Denmark Green Card

Denmark is one of the European Union's most active members to recruit skilled workers from around the world. Denmark Immigration Visa policy, utilizes a points based system called the Danish Green Card to attract skilled workers from outside the EU. Denmark Green Card Point Based scheme provides an opportunity to qualified skilled professionals to live and get employment in the country. A Denmark residence & work permit through the Denmark Green Card Scheme - is based on individual assessment and evaluation of point system. The visa is issued on the premise that the applicant is likely to find an appropriate job in the country matching his qualification and experience.

Salient Benefits of Residency in Denmark

The Immigration to Denmark became easy now as the country has modified its visa system and made procedure easy to welcome more immigrants. Besides, it has also introduced easy procedure for getting Danish Green Card.

Citizens of Denmark can work anywhere in whole European Union and also entitled to travel to all Schengen Zone countries without visa.

Denmark Green card Visa makes you eligible for getting permanent residence permit in seven years. Besides, your family members will also get the same rights which you get.

There are liberal social benefits given to immigrants to make their life style better which include purchase of property, free higher education for children. Once you get the Immigration Visa, you are allowed to avail such social benefits.

The country is assessed as one of the happiest nation for providing better quality of life style.

The Danish welfare schemes, one of the best in the world are also extended to the overseas students. Registered foreign students for higher education are also eligible for part time work and also post completion of their course

Citizens of Denmark can work anywhere in whole European Union and also entitled to travel to all Schengen Zone Countries without visa.

The Pay Limit Scheme

If an applicant has a job offer from a Danish employer paying more than DKK 3,75,000 (approximately USD 80,000), applicant is also eligible for a work and residence permit in Denmark under the Pay Limit scheme.

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Denmark- Establishing A Business


Establishing a business in Denmark is easy and quick. A company can be setup and ready to do business within a few hours. There are few formalities and everything can be done on-line. Denmark is open to allow investors from all walks of world to pool in their money in Danish businesses and ripe benefits out of their success. One can invest in various industries like Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Life Sciences, Cleantech and Maritime where Denmark holds proven competitive global strengths. Add to those an excellent geographical location with outstanding infrastructure and Denmark is your ideal hub for your European activities.

Key facts about setting up a business in Denmark:

Quick, informal and cost-efficient establishment procedures

Online incorporation of new companies ready to do business within a few hours

No resident requirements for management, including members of the Executive Board (CEO), Board of Directors or Supervisory Board

Shareholder’s and board meetings can be held electronically

No notarial deeds

Flexible language requirements – registration of corporate documents of limited liability companies (A/S, ApS and P/S) in Swedish or Norwegian

Language is possible as an alternative to Danish, and some documents may be registered in English.

Advantages of establishing a company instead of a branch office

It is much simpler, faster and more cost-efficient to establish a company rather than a branch. A new company can be registered and ready to do business within a few hours. The registration process of a branch may take several weeks and be more costly.

Another advantage of establishing a company in Denmark is that according to a unique Danish tax rule a foreign branch of a Danish company is generally not subject to tax in Denmark. Administration costs for handling double tax issues may be avoided by having the Nordic headquarter in Denmark instead of other Nordic countries.

Manufacturing and service businesses in Denmark

Manufacturing in Denmark may be carried out in various ways. A foreign company may establish separate production facilities, either by building, acquiring or leasing such facilities, or having products manufactured by establishing contacts to existing producers of similar products in Denmark. Establishing production facilities in Denmark is most often done by establishing a Danish company (A/S or ApS) and letting the company acquire or lease such facilities.

Service businesses in Denmark may be conducted through a distribution centre, a regional headquarter, or a shared services centre. Services are most often carried out through a Danish company (A/S or ApS), but can also be conducted via a branch or a representative office.

SE company - the European company

Denmark has fully implemented the EU rules regarding the European public limited company (SE company) for corporate purposes. The legal framework of the SE company is to a large degree subject to national company law. It is possible to change the nationality and place of residence of the company without liquidation and re-founding.

A Danish company, A/S or ApS, can be established in three different ways

On-line registration: A new company can be incorporated and ready to operate within a few hours by using the on-line electronic registration system provided by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.

Paper registration: A traditional paper registration of the company may still be used but registration will usually take two to three weeks.

Acquiring a shelf company: An “off the shelf” company is an already founded and registered company without any previous operations or activities, and can be acquired from day to day. However, as online registration is fast and cost efficient this is the most commonly used procedure.

Visa Fee

Visa fee - DKK 4,015 Disclaimer: Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.

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