Application Services

Application Services Being a student opens up a wide range of opportunities for you to explore educational prospects in different countries of the world for you to explore. For this all you will have to get a Student Visa. After this, the next step would be to choose the country you want to go to, the university you want to be in and finally the course you want to pursue.

Application Services

Our education counselors guide students with the abroad study opportunities Allowing you to go through a feasible application filling process, Gateway helps you to make best possible decisions in selecting the universities and academic programmes as well. Our educational counselors shall stand with you at every stage of the visa processing and advice you with the instructions to crack the interview easily.

The application process shall include:
  • The best time to begin the application process, which is usually 2-3 months prior to the last-date of applying for the university.
  • Download the application form from the university website and fill the required things clearly or you can also apply electronically.
  • Filling the application form needs to be done very carefully by keeping in mind the following things
  • Photocopies of the application
  • Write your name as per the academic certificates
  • The academic naming system followed by the respective country

Once the process of application filling is completed, you have successfully put a step forward towards securing your admission in the prospective university. An application with missing any of the required documents can lead to get discarded. Gateway Visas shall help you to foresee thoroughly whether relevant documents and application details are filled prior to the submission. Once your application gets sanctioned, we start the required VISA counselling for documentation. The time a student receives the Admission letter from the applied university/college; our counselors would start training you with the comprehensive Visa procedures. We consistently help every student to get in touch and talk with the associated embassy and help him/her in preparing the relevant documents to get the visa

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